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The Lights of Lobethal

The Lights of Lobethalis a Christmas festival taking place in December for over 60 years in the idylic South Australian township of Lobethal, near Adelaide. Around 700 private homes and businesses are festooned with traditional Christmas lighting and themes, an event which attracts an estimated 250,000 visitors.Visitors are encouraged to follow light trails around the town or to take special bus tours.slideshows_about05

The roots of the festival can be traced to 19th century German heritage and reflects traditional Christian values associated with Christmas. The Lights of Lobethal, therefore, are seen as the town’s gift to the community and the world. Since 1994, however, the lights have been subject to formal organisation and corporate sponsorship, establishing a problematical distance from the community led events of previous days.


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May 1st, 2013 - 12:58pm

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