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Light Research @ MMU

Responsive Urban Lighting

One concern about public lighting in most cities is that citizens are simply passive consumers of illumination. We might try and affect this landscape by throwing stones at street lamps, but in the main there is not much we can do about the level and quality of light in our neighbourhood. When the sun goes down we just accept the street lights come on.

RUL is blog dedicated to sharing experimental research on Responsive Urban Lighting initiated by the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technologies at Aalborg University. Utilising sensor and flexible lighting technologies offers new affordances to the design and use of space after dark. Pedestrians, for example, can now use their mobile phones to control lighting, enabling people to creatively interact with the landscape.

A future city scenario, therefore, might be a situation whereby local citizens can take control of illumination, perhaps to colourfully light their community during times of festivity, and then dimming the landscape to produce more intimate or cosy situations.

September 26th, 2013 - 13:42pm