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Radiant Lines in Melbourne

British architect Asif Khan ( has devised a spellbinding sculpture that sits at the heart of the Melbourne’s Federation Square as part of the city’s Light in Winter Programme. The cylindrical piece, with a height of 5 meteres and a 15 metre diameter, is composed out of 40 rings of aluminium. As darkness descends, hundreds of white LED lights pulse along the rings in both directions, and the sculpture is activated by invisible triggers that produce vertical bands of light whenever anybody steps across its threshold.radiant lines 1

The more people move in and out of its interior, the brighter and more dynamic the sculpture becomes, the vertical segments of light then dispersing by orbiting the structure. This vibrancy draws in yet more participants as well as onlookers who watch the pleasingly multiple patterns, honouring and recording everybody’s presence. Yet the work is best experienced without distraction when the traffic dies down, the other activities in the square diminish, the lights dim and a few visitors move between its interior and exterior. Khan reckons that the work mimics the natural phenomenon of the light emitted by bioluminescent organisms, but whatever the symbolism behind it, the shapely work charges this architecturally diverse plaza with an energy and other-worldliness that testifies to the potency of light to transform the habitual nocturnal space of the city. Photos by Shanti Sumartojoradiant lines 4

June 20th, 2014 - 06:31am

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