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About this page

About this page

MMU Light Matters

Light is a mysterious and magical thing. We see with light and we see the changing effects of light by day and night as it transforms the landscape. Light can dazzle us with glare, advertise products and services, reveal unseen or unnoticed features, show pedestrians and motorists the way, highlight people and buildings, add allure to music and theatrical shows, and transform the experience of familiar space.

It can allow sporting events to take place after dark, be deployed to police the city as searchlights seek out criminals from helicopters, manage traffic flow, and mark out seasonal pleasures. While in medieval times, night’s blackness was only alleviated with the flicker of candles, and travel after dark was replete with various perils, the advent of modern electric illumination has completely transformed nocturnal experience, turning the city into a fantastic realm and the home into a comfortable, 24 hour environment.

This website explores light in multiple ways, aiming to create a shared forum for academics, lighting designers, light artists and practitioners. Is there a light festival being held near you? Any conflicts over lighting? Marvellous light art projects? Beautiful light designs in your neighbourhood? Or horrible lighting? Or too much lighting? Are you a dark skies tourist? Are you frightened of the dark or do you like gloom? Let us know!