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Manipulating the illumination of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Darling Quarter

One of the delights of Sydney’s Vivid light festival is the plenitude of interactive attractions. Two of the most extraordinary are Colour the Bridge and Luminous Nights. Colour the Bridge is facilitated by the touch screen situated on the North side of the harbour which allows you to design the light displayed on the mighty steel arch of the Harbour Bridge. touch screen - designing the harbour bridge lights

Visitors are able to choose colours from a broad spectrum to transform the appearance of four elements that consitute the essential horizontal and vertical lines of the bridge’s design. In addition, certain  lines can be made to pulse with changing colours, so that each design is the unique creation of the operator of the screen.

 designing the lights on the Harbour Bridge

Luminous Nights has been installed in Darling Quarter since 2012 and runs outside the festival. Billed as the world’s biggest interactive permanent light display, the canvas upon which the public can paint with light extends for the 150 metres and four levels of the two sections of the Commonwealth Bank Head Quarters. Deploying advanced LED systems, light is manipulated via two digital touch screens, allowing for a vast array of colours and patterns to instantaneously transform the feel and appearance of the building.Luminous2Luminous1Luminous3

 It is an amazing experience to realise that you are responsible for the appearance of such enormous structures at the touch of a few buttons and the two displays conjures up future possibilities of allowing citizens to shape the mood and appearance of cities

May 30th, 2014 - 02:59am

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