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Gertrude Street Projection Festival, Melbourne

The Gertrude Street Projection Festival, on the edge of Melbourne’s city centre, runs from 18- 28 July. Works are projected at 30 sites and the GSPF enjoys a mix of contributions from major and emerging projection artists, community engagement partners and art students. This variety gives Gertrude Street a unique excitement, as visitors move from site to site, not knowing what content, scale or materiality to expect from each installation. While some of the major works are spectacular and impressive, such as Nick Azidis’ Lighthouse, a massive projection onto the façade of a housing tower, others are invite close scrutiny and engagement.gertrude 3gertrude 2Gertrude 1











Particularly bewitching and intimate is Arika Waulu’s Young Blood, projections into large glass jars hung around eye level in a shop window. The faces in the jars had been filmed underwater, and the vitrine surface of the glass enhanced the impression of submerged movement. Eerie and beautiful, one visitor described it as ‘pickled heads’. The macabre effect was enhanced by a large taxidermy zebra head behind it in the shop. Posted by Shanti Sumartojo

Gertrude 4

July 23rd, 2014 - 10:30am

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